Ramset Gun vs World’s Toughest Motorcycle Lock!

If you are the type of guy who likes to take care of his properties and make sure that no one will be able to steal it, you must sure invest large amounts of money into making this possible. There have been many innovative ways in which you can keep your motorcycle safe, but it seems that nothing will ever get better than the classic way, the old school locks. Even though most of them are pretty weak and if you work your way on it, you will eventually break them, but Stanley has released a motorcycle lock that is, as they claim, the world`s toughest one.

Ramset Gun vs Worlds Toughest Motorcycle Lock 11

You simply cannot find a way to destroy the awesome Stanley 24/7 60mm Model CD8820, which is the full name of the motorcycle lock. But is it really so? Well, in this video we take a look at a test that is going to answer this question. Namely, this guy took his Ramset, a powerful tool and decided to see whether the world`s toughest lock can withstand it.

Though we must admit that the lock does indeed look robust and has many features on it that other such locks do not have, it simply had no chance against the Ramset. With just one hit the power tool managed to find its way into fully rupturing the motorcycle to pieces. Now we know that not even the world`s toughest lock could not withstand the Ramset and its power.

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