Extraordinary Rally Happening! A 10-Ton Kamaz Dakar Race Truck Pursuing A WRC Race Car Through A Forest In Finland!

There is a really good reason why rally competitors use small and agile hatchbacks in order to compete in the WRC! Turns are tight with limited visibility which means that the smallest mistake can result with a car ending up in a ditch! However, as long as Red Bull is concerned, this is just another barrier that needs to be broken! They had the guts to bring in their very own 900 horsepower, 10-ton Kamaz Dakar race truck with the task to chase down their WRC VW Polo down a rally stage in Finland! The driver protagonists in this video are Ayrat Mardeev and Jari-Matti Latvala! In this extraordinary Red Bull promotional video, Mardeev who is behind the wheel of the 10-ton Kamaz truck is pursuing Latvala in the VW Polo. Mardeev won the 2015 Dakar with this truck and is even known as the pilot of the giant behemoth at the Goodwood hillclimb!

The Kamaz has almost triple the HP and six times the torque of the VW Polo! Nevertheless, Mardeev with the Dakar race truck is still having problems keeping up with Latvala`s Polo on the famed Ouninpohja rally stage! The reason is due to the hatchback`s size, agile suspension and the extremely experienced driver behind the wheel.

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