LOSSES The Wheel & Still Running! Mud Truck Racing Like a Boss!

`C`mon, c`mon, swing it, swing it, get up, faster, faster!`, we are listening to those words from the speakers as an encouragement and `boosting light motive` for the driver of that mean looking “R.I.P. Mud truck”, as he is hitting the full throttle and trying to give his best possible mud truck racing performance on the dirt track. But things not always end up as we are planning and hoping them to be, and the accident that happened to the driver of the R.I.P. truck is the best example of that.

I`m pretty much sure that this video will be a great `supply` for the haters, who will `use` this clip right away as an example that Chevy trucks actually sucks. But besides the fact that something like this can not hold water for a claim like that, the purpose that we are showing it to you is only for fun and nothing else. Because it is really entertaining when something like this happens, and one can have a few laughs at the expense of the driver and his truck. And that is the only reason why we are giving you this following video. Check out the mud truck racing and have fun yourself.

Anyway. learn more about mud bogging here!

Enjoy the video below!

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