Proposed Bill Could Actually Protect Drivers Who Run Over Protesters!

One might think that the world we live in should be pleasant and stress-free. However, unfortunately this is not always the case. Every now and then we witness strange things happening and with the current situation, what you are about to hear might surprise you even more. Namely, a proposed bill in North Carolina was supposed to release drivers who run over protesters on the streets from liability. Yes, there have been many proposed bills but this one might just be strangest one.

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Moreover, it is worth mentioning that this did not only happen in North Carolina. The same action was taken in Florida, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and North Dakota. However, only one proposed bill actually stood any chance of becoming reality.

We are talking about the one in North Carolina that passed the House with a 67-48 vote. Later on, the senate committee shut down the proposed bill. The other states also failed to pass their own proposed bills. So, how did people actually come across this idea in the first place? 

Well, it all started while people protested last year in Durham, NC. A Dodge Ram appeared on the street which was occupied by protesters. The driver decided that people had no rights of stopping his movement thus he decided to simply drive over them. People can be seen pounding on the hood and trying to make the man stop.

There was a huge controversy upon the topic and with the current situation many other such examples have appeared. The proposed bill stated the following: “excusing driver from liability if they injure a protester who is blocking traffic”. 

There was a news report on this situation and many protesters were furious. They said that the man was lacking morale and people like these could inflict injuries to other people easily. There was dozen people who had minor injuries and decided to press charges against the Dodge Ram driver. 

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Of course, the whole idea behind this proposed bill was not for running people over. The people who submitted it wanted to protect the ones who are found in this situation. Coming across a crowd of people on the street can be dangerous and this might be their only way out.

This is something they had in mind, however, as it turned out nothing came to reality. Unfortunately, situations like these will probably continue to happen. It is up to one`s own consciousness to decide what to do in such situation. One thing is for sure; they cannot count on the law to protect them. 

Time will also tell whether this bill is going to be proposed once again. There are so many people who are being affected by the current situation and everyone is trying their best for a normal life. Of course, as for every proposed bill, there will be people for and against it. In this situation the House decided to vote for, however, the Senate shut everything down.