This Pro Wrangler Driver Climbs Up A Waterfall!

Well, now we`ve seen it all. This absolute pro Wrangler driver got up one day and decided that he`s going to climb a waterfall going off a little cliff. This is a great competition and it really requires serious driving skills and a lot of off road experience.

Pro Wrangler Driver Climbs Up A Waterfall 1_1

He got his Jeep Wrangler up to the mountain along with some friends and decided that he`s going to drive it right over a river without even touching the water, for the most part. His left wheels are on a little bump in the rock and his right wheels are on the other side of the stream and with the most incredible driving skill he climbs up the rock with just two wheels touching the ground!

For a moment there it seemed like this pro Wrangler driver was going to fall in the water along with his vehicle, but his driving skill is way too high for that – he touches his front left wheel to the rock around the waterfall and his back right wheel to the cliff on the other side.

For a moment there he just hovers over the waterfall, with only two tires touching the ground, but right afterwards his front right wheel makes a touchdown and he just strolls out like it was nothing. Now that`s what I call a professional!

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