Ford F250 Pickup Truck Melting Down the Engine Instead of the Tires!

Someone could say `it can happen to anybody`, but I don not seem to remember watching this type of thing happening before, so I do not think it actually happens to everyone. Next time he tries to do some donuts, the owner of this mean looking Ford F-250 should really thoroughly check out what is going on under the hood with that 6.4 liter V8 Powerstroke, because as you will watch it for yourself, this is (just a little bit) embarrassing. So, we have one ominous looking and obviously pretty much powerful and mighty Ford F250 pickup truck, trying to do a little rubber burnouts.

And everything seems to be going nice and smoothly, as the guy behind the wheel is starting to make clouds of smoke, but after a half a minute, its engine makes a little `click` sound and shuts down completely. And of course, the show is over!

Check out the video and try to take a good lesson out of it, if you also do not want to find yourself to be an object of humiliation and end up like this guy, who is collecting laughs on the net.

Anyway, this lifted Ford F250 Pickup Truck is going on the snow!