This Is What Happens When Karen Gets Angry Over Power Wheels Truck!

People would not have believed many situations if there had not been for actual videos of them. There are so many unreal situations that have been captured on tape and this video is a perfect example. People of all ages love to play with cars, whether they are toys or the real deal. Many small children rely on their toy cars as one source of fun. So, what makes this video so strange? Well, we take a look at a senior lady who completely lost her mind over Power Wheels truck. 

It seems it is a trend nowadays but there are a lot of women named Karen who simply bother with things that they should not. Surprisingly enough, even the slightest of action could trigger a Karen into becoming something unreal to hear or see. You would not believe your eyes and ears at the words these people say. The situation in this video is pretty straightforward too and it should not bother Karen at all. However, she decided that to make a problem and bother these kids who were driving a Power Wheels truck.  

power wheels truck outburst 1

So, how and what had happened? The video is very short, just about 20 seconds long, but a lot is happening there. Namely, it is just your regular day at the park. A mother decided to take her kids out for a walk while they are driving their Power Wheels truck. Nothing would have happened if there had not been for this woman though. Out of the blue, she decided to come closer to the mother and say things that have no point at all. At first, the mother thought this was all joke, however, she soon realized that Karen was very serious.  

Immediately after seeing the kids in their Power Wheels truck, Karen got very angry. She said that the park is not for cars and that they should drive away. Their mother simply could not believe her words so she started asking why. Karen was determined not to let the kids mind their own business. She even went a step further with her nonsense. Namely, she requested that if the kids wanted to play with their truck, they were supposed to have a driving license. Can you just imagine this? Small children to have a driving license for a Power Wheels truck. Not only that their mother was shocked, she laughed at how crazy this all sounded.  

Even though the video ends before we can see the outcome, we all hope that the angry Karen simply had left. Alas, they are just couple of kids who are trying to have a regular da at the park. As far as for their mom, we can say that she handled the situation perfectly. She did not get involved into an argument with the angry woman, instead, she even laughed. We can assume that most people would react the same because at the end of the day, they are just two kids driving their Power Wheels truck!