KIDS RACING: Pocket Bike vs Shifter Kart! Parenting Done Right?

When you think of kids racing between the age of two and four, you would probably imagine them playing with toys on the playground.

Pocket Bike vs Shifter Kart kids racing 7

But this is not the case with Timur Kuleshov and Makar Zheleznyak. Though they enjoy spending time together on the playground and playing with toys, they enjoy the real deal. Timur, who is 2 years old, owns a racing motorbike and goes face to face on the tracks with Makar, driving a shifter kart. Who would even think that this could be possible? Nothing seems to stop these boys in fulfilling their dreams.

The Ukrainian kids prove that when it comes to racing, age does not matter. They seem to handle the vehicles without any problems. We do not have any information about the power and the engines of the mini versions of the vehicles.

As you can see, the kids racing on the track are enjoying it and seem to be having a lot of fun. They wear all the safety equipment, though some might argue whether this is safe or not.

What do you think, do we see the future champions in bike racing and do you support their dedication?

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