Guy Cuts Piano In Half With Great Ease Using This Giant Chainsaw!

Ever wanted to see someone get a giant chainsaw and then cut furniture with it in half? Well, you`re in luck because this video shows a guy with a great big saw just cutting a household upright piano in half, by length! He calmly walks over wearing full protective gear, picks up his extremely long chainsaw, revs it up, leans it on the edge of the piano and just lets gravity works its way down from there. The magnum saw makes short work of all the wood and strings inside the instrument like it`s nothing and it just falls in two halves, perfectly cut.

He claims the piano has been completely stuffed beyond repair so he had some fun with it. After giving the piano the last vibrations of its life, he takes the remaining front half and leans it against a wall, with a small glass bottle on the wooden chord lid. I assume he wanted to demonstrate that he was able to open a beer with such precision with his giant chainsaw, but the video ends before we get to see what happens. Either way, he revs up his extra-long saw again and cuts the metal bottle cap with ninja-like precision! Time for a cold one!

Finally, follow this link and see how to sharpen your chainsaw!