When it comes to drifting, having a powerful beast with a real monster under the hood never hurts. Which is why so many drifters are tuning their drift-monsters as much as possible, in order to try and raise a real hell on the strip, on the track, the circuit, or wherever. But as we know well from watching numerous clips, sometimes things can turn out into a bad direction. And when you are dealing with a truly powerful drift-car, this could mean a lot of things. Just like in the case of the following 1000 HP HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE, that starts bursting into flames, it would be a pretty good idea to stop it, and let the fire crew do their job!

However, this 1000 HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car, powered by a (literally) fire-breathing 1 000 HP V8 engine, the circus` fire crew had to chase him down the track, as the guy probably didn`t mind those flames and wanted to finish his performance `in style`! But at the end, the fire safety guys did catch up on time with that powerful Hyundai, and its driver seemed to be in a good shape.

So check out the video below and see the entire scene yourself! And if you want to see something even crazier than this, a driver revving his Lambo while it is bursting out in flames, go to this link.