This Is What Paul Jr Teutul Is Doing In 2017!

Among many of the extremely incredible reality shows that we have seen over the years, it seems that the only few have been as successful as the one in which Paul Teutul Senior and Paul Jr Teutul were the hot topic. Of course, we are talking about the one and only show in which motorcycles were made from scratch and were all unique and of a kind, the American Chopper. It has been several years since the show came to an end, and even though we have heard couple of stories about the Teutul family, there has not been much from them.

Paul Jr Teutul 2017 2

However, just lately they announced that the show is going to be back on TV yet once again in 2018 and, as they claim, it is going to be better than ever. But where is Paul Jr. Teutul right now and what has he been doing over the years? Well, if you want to know the answers to these questions, check out this video and see everything you need to know about him.

He is still happily married to his wife Rachel, and back in 2015 he became a father. Moreover, it seems like Paul Jr Teutul and his father has improved their relationship by far and things are going much better between them. His shop, Paul Jr. Designs, is in function to this day and is designing bikes for the game World of Warcraft. Check the full video for more information and see everything you need to know about him!

At last, check out this amazing chopper by following this link!