ORACLE Custom Dodge Challenger – My Dream Car From 2016 SEMA SHOW!

For the ones amongst you who are following the on a regular basis, the fact that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is our most beloved American muscle, is no secret! So, we believe that after you see the video below, most of you will fully understand how we felt when we came across this mind-blowing 2010 Challenger Hellcat dubbed Oracle, when we saw it at the 2016 SEMA show. In fact, we firmly believe that many of you will also find it to be the very same things as we did – a dream car!

The attention which this insanely cool Dodge Challenger got from everyone who saw it at the world biggest car show, was simply tremendous. So hopefully, you will understand how come we couldn`t really make a little bit better video of it, and gather the entire list of specs (we`ll give you that in the next occasion). There are so many things that need to be said about this ride, so you can be sure that we`re going to show you more of it, the following period.

But for now, have a look at the following clip, and see this utterly impressive American muscle yourselves, and see what you make of it. And for the ones amongst you, who love the Hellcat, and want to find out something about the new, 2017 model, go to this link.