23M VIEWS! Real FLYING CAR? Of Course NOT, But Very Interesting ADVERTISING IDEA For New Cars!

Well, we know that technology is improved as we live in a high-tech era. But, things kind of went too far here! We have seen many flying objects here. But never have we seen a real flying car, whatsoever!

Let`s start from the beginning. This video of a real flying car started going viral after someone uploaded it on YouTube. Now, people are in the middle of two fires explaining this phenomenon! It looks pretty much staged, since it is impossible. However, it is hard to prove it either way! Have you ever seen anything like this anywhere in this world? If not, we are glad if you see this here for the first time. Do you have any idea how is this possible? To lift a car up in the air, and to see it above your head! We are used to see many things above our heads but not cars! Not yet! However, this car you have the chance to see, is not a real car. It is actually a very interesting advertising concept, and solution for promoting new cars in a truly unique way using the space above you.

The motive behind this is unclear. If this car really flies using these propellers, is this the new chapter in our lives? Some say it`s a balloon and not a real car, which seems logical. Fact is, that this video reached millions of views in couple of days! However, we are not here to say whether it`s staged or not. You have the video, decide for yourselves! It is worth watching anyway. No harm comes from it.

Watch now the incredible video with a real Flying Car!

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