OMG! An INSANE Rollercoaster Ride in Kayak with Over 30 mph! Downhill Kayaking Exhibition!

We all know about kayaking down a river. However, going with your kayak downhill is something rarely to be seen! So, if you thought that riding in a rollercoaster in amusement park is a highest level of fun you can get, than wait until you see what a fun this guy has! This guy will definitely bring a totally different perspective for all of you on the term – kayaking! This adrenaline junky is riding his kayak in a bit unusual circumstances at a high speed downhill with over 30 miles per hour (56 km/h). Forget about rollercoasters, downhill kayaking exhibition is the way to go!

Making incredible stunt performances and having a unique experiences are very good thing and recording them on camera makes them even better because you can share those amazing moments with other people and of course, remind yourself on the one of a kind journey you have had. From the camera perspective of this guy, we can totally feel the journey he has. Only by watching this video, you will feel that adrenaline let alone go downhill kayaking at this impressive speed!

The video that this guy recorded is definitely one of those. He takes it up the channel, carefully place himself on the right spot to begin the `race` and than hits down the stream. The measured top speed that he manages to achieve is 56 km/h or about 33 miles per hour. What a rollercoaster! The ultimate rollercoaster in the world is indeed downhill kayaking exhibition!

Just watch the video, shot both from his perspective and from the spectator`s and get inspired to do something like this by yourself. However, we do not recommend it if you`ve never descended down with a kayak in your life! Downhill kayaking exhibition is not a move to be reckoned with!

However, it is definitely one of those moments worth living for.

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Enjoy the video below!

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