New Trailer for the Upcoming Motor Stunt Days! DOPE EDIT!

A great motivational and inspirational trailer for all those amongst you are enjoying a fantastic motor stunt, always in a quest for thrill and new experiences that only bikes can offer to guy.

It is a trailer of a documentary that follows down what happens in one of the best motorcycle events in Poland and Europe, on which some of the best bikers from all around the world are going in Poland and show off their skills and best performances in a parking lots, roof tops, city streets etc.

This would be the sixth part of the series that started a few years back and the entire film about the Stunt Days 6 should come out on DVD somewhere in the winter of the next year, 2015.

Till then, check out the trailer and get inspired to see the previous five chapters that are fulfilled with attractive bike stunts and other events.

Finally, if you want some more stunting, check out this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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