You’ll Want School Back After Watching This BOUNCY BUS!

We remember the days when we had to get up every morning, have our cereals, get ready for school, then go in front of the house and wait for that boring, slow yellow bus with the angry lady driving it. Worst days. You all know and will have to admit that you`ve had all kinds of ideas how to skip school. However, after watching this video we suddenly got this strong wish to take one last ride with a school bus! Why, you ask? Because this one is BOUNCING! It’s a freaking bouncy bus!

It literally has the ability to lift itself 6 feet of the ground! Kids will be grateful to have ride in this one as they will now fight for the front seats instead of the good old fashioned back ones! It even reminded us a lot of the 90`s TV Show “The Magic School Bus” and it seems that Ms. Frizzle is really driving this one! Only this time, instead of transforming it to a plane, spaceship or submarine, it became a jumping stick! It is a really cool invention and it deserves your attention. The bouncy bus video is right below, you know what to do!

Finally, follow this link to witness another crazy custom school bus. This one comes from Puerto Rico and it`s pretty fast!