Having a collection is something that keeps an individual proud of himself, showing that there is indeed something that can make us happy in every period of our lives! As kids, we used to collect stickers and postcards. Afterwards, we change! We, Gearheads, however dream of a great CAR COLELCTION! Each one of us has his own Car Brand he likes, the collector in this video is a great BMW fan, and he has proven it with the 45 BMWs in his BMW collection!

His deep and sincere love for automobiles, has made him immune to fame! There is no desire in this man to be known for his collection, on the contrary, he does it simply to keep his PASSION going! His first contact with this passion was at the age of 17 when he so the BMW E30 M3 and thought – THIS IS THE PERFECT RIDE! Unfortunately, he was homeless at the time, so he had no means to purchase one! But now, he is a successful man, proven by his great collection that has the RARE BMW 700 RS in its ranks! Take a look at this BMW collection!

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