Must Use Safety Tips When Using Construction Vehicles

Construction sites can sometimes be dangerous places, and you need to keep your finger on the pulse and deal with problems as soon as they arise. Handling heavy equipment, sharp metals, soil, chemicals, and other items at a job site is crucial for worksite safety. Things can quickly go from bad to worse if you don`t adhere to safety guidelines during the construction and maintenance of equipment process. Safety is paramount when working with heavy machinery and that`s why it is crucial to keep safety in mind, especially when you are dealing with construction vehicles.

It doesn’t matter if your workers need to operate a bulldozer or a front-end loading machine, they must be proficient and licensed to operate these types of machines. On the other hand, you, the employer, should do all you can to ensure that your workers are safe. There are many situations in which construction workers may collide or cause injury or property damage. We compiled a list of tips that will help you keep your employees safe and maintain your worksite secure. Read below and gather valuable knowledge.We compiled a list of tips that will help you keep your employees safe and maintain your worksite secure. Read below and gather valuable knowledge.

Ensure vehicle visibility

You may have vehicles that are working on construction sites with many types of vehicles, such as dump trucks, construction trucks, forklifts, and others. Make sure to equip your truck with practical mini light bars that will ensure visibility and improve worksite safety. Light bars are specifically designed to flash at different frequencies and alert other drivers to potential danger.

Your drivers working in close proximity to any roadway can greatly benefit from increased visibility which ultimately will lead to more safety. An LED amber strobe beacon light is another good option for improved visibility and safety. It signals drivers who approach your vehicle from behind or alongside you. 

Before installing off-road lights, make sure to check the laws in your state. Light bars can be used while driving off-road but it might be dangerous to use them on roads. Some states have made it illegal to use such lights and that`s why you need to check the laws in your respective state in order to avoid a pricy ticket.

Use the right equipment

You must ensure that your employees are properly trained to use any heavy machinery or forklifts on the job site. Also, make sure your employees can safely enter and exit the machines. This is especially important if they work on scaffolding or other areas that could make it difficult to move quickly from one place to another. You should also ensure that safety devices like seat belts and foot pedals work properly before every use.

Inspect your equipment regularly

Before you use any construction equipment, it is essential to inspect them. All moving parts should be inspected, including the blades and buckets in order to ensure they are in good working order. You should not use the machine if it isn’t functioning properly until it has been fixed by a professional. Also, make sure that the lights work properly and that no missing or loose parts are on the machine.

Only use equipment as intended

People often make the mistake of using equipment incorrectly. Forklifts are meant to lift loads up and down ramps but never sideways. Accidents can result in serious injuries or even death if the equipment isn`t used the right way. Similarly, cranes are meant to lift heavy objects vertically and not horizontally or diagonally. Using them incorrectly could also lead to serious problems.

Make sure employees are familiar with how to operate equipment safely

Even if your company has a fleet, there will likely be times when employees need to use one on their own. Before allowing employees to use the equipment without supervision, make sure they have taken the time to understand how it works.

Keep the area clear of debris

It is crucial to be aware of debris when operating heavy machines such as a crane or bulldozers. Make sure there are no branches or broken glass on the ground. You should immediately stop if you notice something that could damage your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Safety is the most important concern when operating heavy machinery. A small accident can quickly escalate into something more serious, so it is vital to learn how to safely operate heavy construction equipment. These safety tips are essential for anyone responsible for a construction site.