Motorcycle accidents: Why do they occur so often?

Driving along the open rode can feel somewhat calming when you`re riding a motorbike. But, with this sense of freedom also comes plenty of danger too. According to data from the Department of Transport, over 16,750 motorcyclists were injured in motorcycle accidents on UK roads in 2018. This shocking statistic shows that it`s still incredibly important to be mindful and careful when driving, no matter how experienced you may be.

Motorcycle accidents Why do they occur so often 2

What are the most common causes of a motorcycle accident?

In 2016, an in depth study by RoSPA, looked at some of the most common causes of accidents. These were highlighted in the hopes that riders would have more of an idea as to what to watch out for on the roads.

Failure to negotiate bends – when you`re driving at high speeds when approaching a bend, or if you happen to misjudge the curve, it can often have devastating consequences. Failure to negotiate a bend properly is a contributing factor to a large percentage of accidents. The result could be anything from losing control and colliding with a tree, building or parked car, to colliding with an oncoming vehicle. It`s important to take extra care on bends.

Collisions at junctions – anotherone of the most common causes of accidents. In 2016, the police reported that 64% of motorcycle accidents occurred at a junction. Most likely to happen at T-junctions in rush our traffic, these types of collisions often happen when drivers of other vehicles fail to give way or stop for a motorbike.

Among some of the other common causes are:

When can you make a claim for compensation?

If you`ve been in an accident that wasn`t your fault, you may be able to claim for compensation. It`s always worth speaking to specialist solicitors who are experienced in dealing with motorcycle accident claims, even if you`re not sure if you have a case.

Remember that your post-accident recovery isn`t just physical. It can cause psychological trauma, loss of earnings and potentially other financial expenses caused by the accident. Sadly, it can also have an impact on your family and relationships, so getting the compensation you deserve is crucial.

Thanks to research by National Accident Law, we`re able to give you an idea of the amount of compensation you could receive for the type of injury you`ve sustained. For example, if you suffer with a facial injury you could receive anywhere between £1,460 and £344,60 in compensation. If you`ve suffered with a severe back injury with spinal cord damage, you could receive between £77,700 and £137,330 in compensation.

Whether you think you have a case or not, it`s important to get advice from specialists who can point you in the right direction. They`ll help you collate evidence and advise you on what`s happening throughout the whole process. They may even recommend other services that you can use to help you on the road to recovery.

It can be a tough time post-accident. No matter how serious of an injury you may now be battling with, getting the compensation you deserve can help you and your loved ones in so many ways.