Motorbike Cleaning Is Tough When Your Dog Keeps Jumping For The Hose!

Oh boy, is there anything more satisfying than being free the whole day and clean your bike in peace. Well, motorbike cleaning is not that easy when you have a dog that keeps interrupting you! J. Newberry here, really wanted to shine his Harley Davidson! However, his dog, that goes by the name of Chopper decided that jumping for the hose is more important than a shiny Harley. The fun part is, that it is not only jumping to catch the hose, but to swallow the water. Every time this Doberman jumps, he drinks all the water that comes out from the hose! He must have drunk around 33 ounces of water in just four or five jumps.

Motorbike Cleaning Chopper Harley Davidson Dog 1

We know that the dog is a man`s best friend and should be the first one to help. Well, is Chopper helping?! Definitely not! But, however, every owner would have his heart full if he sees that his dog is so happy and willing to play every moment and every minute! Motorbike cleaning can wait. Everyone who owns a dog and treats it well knows that it is your duty to play with it every chance you get!

Who else is going to take those long walks with you and sit by you at the lake? No one but you dog! No one but Chopper! So, let him interrupt you when you just want to clean your bike! You don`t need a clean bike when you have such an awesome dog!

Finally, have a good laugh with pets that interrupt yoga classes!