PD-S1000 Model S Tesla vs Lamborghini Aventador!

What you are about to see here is an epic Tesla vs Lamborghini drag race between a conventional supercar engine built inside the Lamborghini Aventador LP700 and an unconventional hybrid engine built inside of the Tesla Model S PD-S1000! So, on one hand we have the absolute elegant Lambo Aventador LP700. This one is equipped with a V12 engine that gives it enough power to dominate every dragstrip out there! With the 7-speed transmission and 6.5 L engine, this one deals with around 690 horsepower at 8,250 RPM. Also, this beast has a Capristo exhaust system installed!

PD S1000 Model S Tesla vs Lamborghini Aventador Drag Race 2

On the other hand, the Tesla that we see here is not a regular one. It was custom designed by Prior Design and was specifically made to have better aerodynamics which gives the Tesla Model S heads up in this drag race! First of all, this product is completely made of Fiberglass-Duraflex mixture. This means that the car has excellent surface and gives the car flexibility as well as great level of stability. The front spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper and trunk spoiler are also made of this material and by Prior Design!

However, the race started as both beasts lined up on the start line. Engines are roaring as the crowd cannot wait to see the Tesla vs Lamborghini clash! What`s it gonna be? Hybrid or conventional? Supercar or electric car? PD-S1000 Model S Tesla or Lamborghini Aventador Find out in the video below but choose your favorite first!

At last, visit Prior Design`s official website for more info on their work!