Mitsubishi eX Concept Ran Idea For Future Electric Vehicles!

To begin with, the Mitsubishi eX concept is set in motion by two electric engines, each capable of producing 94 horsepower. They extract energy from a 45 KWh lithium-ion battery, which is placed below the passenger section. This vehicle also shows how future Mitsubishi vehicles could look like.

Mitsubishi eX Electric Vehicle Concept 7

Mitsubishi eX Electric Vehicle Concept 6

Furthermore, the specific grille shaped like X has been tweaked and named as Dynamic Shield. The Japanese carmaker has paid attention to important details on the interior such as showing important information on the windshield. Also, they have installed a front camera as well as radar in order to detect unwanted objects on the road and also potential dangers.

Finally, check out an overview of the concept, here!

Mitsubishi eX Electric Vehicle Concept 8