Old School Formula 1 Manual Shifting! Schumacher Racing at Monaco in 1992!

Accidents happen and can happen even to the best drivers in the world. Unfortunately, we all know what has happened to Michael Schumacher but we simply can`t forget how great he was. So in the following video, we see Schumacher racing in Monaco in 1992. The sound and the great skills he has is what make this video so cool. This old school footage proves that racing used to be way much better, as drivers had to tackle the road with manual transmission. This required threat concentration and skill, basically meaning you had to drive most of the race with one hand.

This video of Schumacher racing shows just how good he was. The Formula in front of him shoots sparks throughout the race. Imagine doing this for 78 more times. Thought this video is short and is just one lap, it sure is thrilling. What do you think, if we make a comparison between today`s Formula 1 drivers and the old school one`s, who would win? Though we all know, they are two completely different periods hence technology has made so much progress in the recent years. Check the video for more and see Michael`s Schumacher prime time and his legendary driving.

At last, read the latest news about Schumacher’s health condition after the terrible accident he had 3 years ago.