The New Mercedes Maybach SUV Concept Looks Out Of This World!

Boy, do we sometimes feel the excitement and thrill of an upcoming car. These cars ready to hit the market are always interesting to take a look at. Such is the case with the brand new Mercedes Maybach SUV concept vehicle. The car will be released in 2018, this month to be more precise. You must be wondering why are we all so much excited? Well, the guys from Mercedes had just released a teaser and it will blow your mind. This short video, just 30 seconds long, looks absolutely stunning. Trust us, these 30 seconds are worth watching over and over again. The attention to details and certain materials are enormous. Mercedes invested huge sum of money and time into developing this awesome vehicle. The best thing about its interior is that it looks so simple, yet so attractive and luxurious.

mercedes maybach suv concept 1

There is not a single car currently out there able to match the elegance of the new Mercedes Maybach SUV. Everything you see in these 30 seconds or so, can only get better when the car is released. We cannot wait to see one rolling on the streets. Mercedes made a huge progress in their SUV world with the design of this vehicle. Unfortunately, there is no further information about the car. We do not know anything about its price nor its engine. However, we are certain that for such good quality, the price will be super high. Nonetheless, this is going to be a car that only few can have it. Probably Mercedes is not going to manufacture many units of it and only the luckiest ones will have the chance to own it. All we have to do is to make sure we check out this car!

Before you go, visit this link and learn something more about the car!