Million Dollar Worth Mercedes CLK GTR SS Accelerating & Bursting Ear Drums!

Making racing cars street legal is a notion realized by some manufacturers. However, only few stay true to the idea as the Mercedes CLK GTR SS. It is, for every purposes and intents, an actual road legal racing car that has went through only minimal tweaks to be able to be driven on public roads. It even packs the original racing 6.9L V12 engine. This engine delivers the ultimate automotive soundtrack. It is one of the meanest sounding engines ever fitted in a road legal car. However, there is depth to this soundtrack we are talking about. It doesn`t only varies based on revolutions per minute, but also on how much throttle you are applying.

Combining both of these factors deliver the ultimate driving experience that can`t get boring. This video captures that awesome driving experience perfectly. You can also see some pretty naughty flames being released by the exhaust. Before the filming of this video, the Mercedes CLK GTR SS was having a great time at the track. After that, the supercar was being brought back to RENNtech`s headquarters who are also the owners of this monstrous million dollar car. The car was released back in 1997 to compete in the FIA GT Championship back in 1997. One year later, in 1998, the car was modified to compete in 24 Hours Le Mans.

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