These Are The Fastest & Most Powerful Cars In Diesel Racing!

Ever wanted to see a coal rolling, drag racing diesel car? Well, you`re in luck! These are the most powerful cars in racing, and they`re all diesel powered. This video depicts the National Hot Rod Diesel Association World Finals` Top Diesel class of dragsters and their timing, which is absolutely incredible with cars going over 170MPH and putting out more than 200 pounds of boost! Also, they pack a mean punch in coal rolling as well, as they smoke up the racing strip, making it impossible for the cameras to catch them speeding off into the distance!

Most of these powerful cars would, of course, put production cars to shame, but that`s only because they`re incredible diesel-powered coal rolling vehicles that have been modified a lot. Most of them have amazing aerodynamics and incredibly light frames, which is probably the reason that they all made it to the final of this racing world cup. If you thought they`re a feast for the eyes, well you were right but they`re also murder for the ears with the engines getting as loud as possible before they take off down the runway. Either way, it`s interesting and sometimes even funny to watch them because hey, where else are you going to find this stuff?

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