When one gets to see a Nissan GTR Skyline preparing to hit, either on the drag strip, the runway, or the circuit track, the anticipations to see an exciting and thrilling performance, are always high. And as any real Gearhead knows it well, the reason for this is quite simple. Throughout all these years, we had seen what these cars can do, and just how fast they are! Which is the reason why we often call them (or refer to them), the Japanese royalty, or a mechanical excellence! These RH9 Nissan GTRs are all that!

Today we have prepared for you a short, but exciting clip, that shows us a few RH9 Nissan Skyline GTR examples that belong to the so called “Record Holders 9-second Club”, or the RH9. It basically means that we`re seeing a GTR specimen that can run the ¼ Mile distance in the 9 second barrier. Or, every Nissan GTR, that is still a legal `street car`, and that has at least one 9-second race in its portfolio, is a RH9 GTR ride.

Just like the Skyline GTRs in the video below, that you`re going to see in just a moment, hitting the runway and demonstrating its speed and power. So without any further adieu, check out this clip and start your day in a good way!

And since we`re talking about 9-second rides, if you`re a diesel lover, check out this link if you want to see something very interesting that hits the strip in 9 seconds!