Mercedes C Class Makes the Top 10 Best Seller Lists in the Motor World

The Mercedes C Class range has been popular with motorists all over the world for years, and has now made it into the top 10 best seller lists in the motor world. For all round drivability and value, it`s harder to beat the C Class, and the sophistication of the cars, the cutting-edge technology, the stunning looks, and the choice of engines all add to this. Plus, unlike some other car brands, it`s relatively easy to purchase Mercedes Benz used parts online for necessary repairs.Royalty Free Photo

Mercedes C Class Makes the Top 10 Best Seller Lists in the Motor World 1

Below we`ll take a look at the different types of C Class cars and hopefully help you understand why they are such a popular choice.

C Class Cabriolet

The C Class Cabriolet has a lot of stiff competition against the BMW 4 series and the Audi A5, but it more than holds its own with its sleek looks. With 15 engines and 8 trim styles to choose between, motorists have a lot of choice; all of them look stunning, for what it`s worth.

The main advantage that the C Class Cabriolet has over its competition is that it shares many components with the Mercedes S Class, including route-based speed adaption, active lane and steering assists, and intelligence drive.  The Aircap and Airscarf technology also ensure that you won`t freeze if you put the top down on colder days.

C Class Saloon

Travel on any UK motorway or US highway and you`ll see at least five saloons travel past you each hour, usually in the classic black design. Compact yet still somehow spacious, it`s especially ideal for road trips, but just as good for traveling in towns and cities. Models range from the entry level C 180 SE up to the weightier C 63.

But even the larger models are designed for energy efficiency, with them able to achieve 60 miles per gallon and 113g/km of CO2 emissions. The C Class Saloon is also more comfortable than previous models and comes with an infotainment system as standard. A number of upgrades are also available for those who want to take their driving to the next level.

C Class Estate

Finally, we have the C Class Estate. This model has increasingly been overtaking the Volvo Estates in popularity and is seen by many as a class-leading station wagon. With proven reliability, engine choice aplenty, a number of trim styles, and distinguished lines, this is a quality model that looks just as good as it drives.

If you have a lot of family to ferry around, it`s an ideal choice, and the 360 degree round vision, pre-safe collision system, and the active cruise control all contribute to its safety. Like with the Cabriolet, many S Class components have filtered down to be used in the C Class model.

No matter what type of driver you are, or what you predominantly use your car for, the Mercedes C Class range is well worth considering for your next vehicle.