The Biggest & The Most Expensive MEGA SAILING YACHT in the World!

Watching videos of mega machines and vehicles is always fun and interesting, and these machines often require a great effort to do just one action such as this Mega Sailing Yacht which takes a lot of time just to dock itself at the sea.┬áThe process is complex and a dozen of people to control the whole operation. The Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko is the owner of this Mega Sailing Yacht “A” it was designed by Philippe Starck, was produced at Nobiskrug, it’s 142.81 m (468 ft) long and it costs $400,000,000.

Mega Sailing Yacht 2

The video is just 7 minutes long, but it probably takes some more time to complete the action. This massive white piece of ultimate engineering looks absolutely stunning!

The port to which the Mega Sailing Yacht is docked is located in Spain and is called the Cartagena Port. It approaches with its front part facing the port and we can see that is was build in such a way that its back part leans at a certain angle. There are several smaller ships which monitor and control the operation. The depth of the sea has to be predetermined in order to avoid any crashes in rocks, thus causing huge damage to the ship. It takes up a lot of space at the dock and we can see the chains to where the dock is attached, are being lowered to the sea bottom. What do you think, is this the biggest yacht ever built?

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