Meet with the World’s Biggest Road Train – Elphinstone Easyloader!

The very first thing that came to my mind after watching this video was `is this thing for real or someone is just pulling someone`s leg?`, but it turned out to be the real McCoy. There is nothing fake about this Elphinstone Easyloader truck and it is a hundred percent real and completely functional out there in the real world, or in Australia to be more precise. I guess that this is just another prove that Ozzies are number one in the world when it comes to huge and powerful trucks, as much as we do not want to believe it.

The Australian Elphistone company is revolutionary in many things when it comes to trucks, trailers and all the other accessories. For example, they were the first ones who had introduced the weighing system in Australia back in 1976 from the United States, and ever since then, they have developed it and constructed many other original things. So it is only fair to conclude that they have developed a serious background in engineering, so seeing something like this Elphinstone Easyloader, it should not come as a surprise at all.

Watch this extraordinary mechanism and tell me what you think about it. Read more!

Enjoy the video below!

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