Visible Manual Transmission Clutch Operation From The Inside Of A 1998 BMW!

They say that automatic is faster. Then again, some say that this saying was invented by people who suck at driving a manual! Good one, to be honest. However, it might be true since manual transmission or manual driving is a whole different league than the automatic. More skills are required, more attention and preciseness! However, the video today will show you the clutch operation working from the inside. It will give you the real idea of manual driving and using a clutch. Maybe you had an idea to start driving a manual. First thing you need to know in order to ease that path is to learn what`s actually happening inside of the bell housing!

Since it is more likely to find manual transmission in Europe, the car used for this video is the German beast – 1998 BMW 323is. The clutch operation shows the intercourse of the clutch when changing gears where the transmission is a ZF310! The is a cut on the housing bell to make it easier for the eye to see what`s going on there. See the relationship between the clutch and the pressure plate. Thus, you will get the clutch operation. Enjoy!

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