LIVE From 2015 Geneva Motor Show: BMW 2-SERIES GRAN TOURER!

We salute you once again from the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland, where the 2015 Motor Show event is currently being held! BMW has launched their “family-luxury” model – the 2-Series Gran Tourer!!! We Americans, consider this model as something similar to a small minivan as it fits the MPV class! This “small minivan”, however, has car-like doors! Anyway, this one is a little longer and taller than the 2-Series Active Tourer! Even though it is a family ride, BMW tried to keep its luster so they have worked on the dynamics as well!

This luxurious vehicle is equipped with 7 seats and enormous legroom that will allow you to relax and do extra activities while taking a ride! This car will make sure you never have problem with your kids in the vehicle and rides will always be comfortable! Actually, see it for yourself!

To watch the video, go below the photo gallery!

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