Having a parent working as an astronaut can be a tough time for every child. The missions in the space and the work on some experiments there, can last for a quite long period of time and unfortunately, the expensive communication tools increase the sadness within the family. The sweet girl Stephanie from Houston, Texas is just one more example of a child who is missing her father who is working in a space station that is big as a city. She thinks about him getting home every single day and that is why she wanted to send a message to space for him.

And voila! The worldwide known car manufacturer Hyundai has come up with an idea to help Stephanie send a message to space or to her father that can be seen even from his working station. All that was required for the realization of this emotional project were 11 Hyundai Genesis models. But, the question is: Can a car deliver a message to Space? Well, when it comes to Hyundai, of course it can. Here is the idea. While driving synchronized in one small desert, the 11 beasts have left marks that were containing the message of the little girl. After all day working, the final outcome was the message “Steph  <3`s you!” that was big enough to be read even from the space. This is surely another amazing story that inspires the innovative thinking of Hyundai and we must say Big Bravo for both the company and the girl.

At last, if you want to see the video “behind the scenes” of this spectacular project, click here.