Gorgeous Liberty Walk Ferrari Gets Rear Ended at SEMA 2014!

It is one of those situation for which we are all aware of and we do not want it to happen to us -- rear ending $1 million car is not your every day minor traffic accident, right? It would be funny and tragic at the same time! That is what we have here, but fortunately, this scene is rather more comical than tragic, even though it is one hell of an attractive and (more important) utterly expensive supercar like this Liberty Walk Ferrari that you are about to see in the following video.

It is happening at this year`s SEMA auto show, where the owner of this Jeep got himself into something more than he can bargain for, as he lost his focus and hit and rear end one awesome model of Liberty Walk Ferrari. To tell you the truth, I`m not sure that none of us can actually get the gravity of how bad this must feel on both parties.

Here is the Jeep driver who is probably feeling guilty as never before and there is the Ferrari owner who invested a large amount of dollars in his car, so how do we solve this dilemma now? The whole thing was caught on camera by a few bystanders who have witnessed the entire incident.

However, check another Liberty Walk masterpiece!

Enjoy the video below!

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