Ford GT “Black Knight”! The Downforce Monster!

Supercars come in all shapes and sized and even though their price varies from car to car, most of them are fairly expensive. Some of the most amazing supercars have been produced in the past couple of years. One such example clearly is the latest Ford GT. It was and still is a game changer when it comes to recent masterpieces and many people would love to have one. Taking in consideration its price, around $500,000 and the limited production number, it is a car that not many people can own it.

latest ford gt black knight 1

The usual practice is that when a supercar finally hits the market there is nothing that you would or could change on it. This is mainly because prior to production they go through several years of planning, designing and developing. Finally, the refined product is reached and it is ready for production. However, this does not stop novice designers from putting an effort into changing some aspects of the car in order to make it even more appealing.

latest ford gt black knight 2

Everyone, up until now, thought that the latest Ford GT was a car that was perfect in every aspect. That is until a 22-year-old gearhead called Danny Berry did some modifications to the almighty 2017 Ford GT, thus creating the “Black Knight”. Based on the pictures we can totally agree with Danny that his masterpiece is one-of-a-kind. Even though this is just some pixel art and is not real, it does not take away from the fact that the Ford GT just got better.

latest ford gt black knight 3

So, what was changed and what was the contribution that made this car looking so attractive and desirable? Well, one of the most obvious changes that the 2017 Ford GT had was the widebody kit. As you can see this adds a different dimension to the car. Even though there are some split opinions about it, we must admit that this is an awesome blend with the aerodynamic look of the car.

latest ford gt black knight 4

Also, another aspect that adds on the widebody kit surely have to be the wheels. Their simple yet attractive design is exactly what Danny was trying to achieve here. He was aiming for the realm of racing and boy was he successful at that. Following the widebody lines we reach the rear part of the car, where the twin turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 is located. There are some changes here too, the most obvious one being the absolutely massive fin, fin that was borrowed from Formula One.

Moreover, no modern supercar exists without some carbon aspects on it. In this instance, the 2017 Ford GT got a large carbon wing which is spread along the whole width of the car. This will probably remind you of the GT racecar. The meticulous blend of various aspects is what makes this car to sit in the midway between being a supercar and a race car.

ford gt black knight 5

The last thing you can do is to compare these pictures with the latest Ford GT. This is how you can find some other differences between the two!