Marking Lamborghini History With The 5000th Aventador!

The Italian automaker lives and enjoys its fame! It has been on the market for more than half century! On the 22nd of March, the company celebrates the Lamborghini history! The 5000th Lamborghini Aventador came off the production line!

Marking the Lamborghini History 7

The 5000th unit that will mark the Lamborghini history is a Lambo Aventador Roadster! This oneĀ is being reserved for the Italian market! The first bigger milestone was the 2000th vehicle in 2013. Since then, the company has been producing 1000 Aventadors annually!

Marking the Lamborghini History 6

In order to celebrate the occasion, we would now kindly ask you to go to the gallery below! You can feel the glory of the Italian supercar through the years! It isn’t much, but still has got what it takes! Plus, you can also browse our website to find more articles related to this glorious automobile!

Finally, here is everything you need to know about Lamborghini!