LAMBO Concept Cars – Jay Leno’s Visit of Lamborghini Showroom!

We all know about the famous Jay Leno`s admirable and refined taste for the great cars of all types, shapes and forms, and we always enjoy watching his shows, presentations and analyzes about them. That is why today we have prepared a video from his meeting with Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, who is going to walk Jay around the Urus and Sesto Elemento concepts at the Lamborghini Showroom, as well as talking for the plans about the famous luxury car manufacturer`s 50th anniversary celebration.

All of you who are following the steps of the Lamborghini, are very well aware that each year, there are new breathtaking models coming out on the market. One of their concepts that caught most of us by a surprise is definitely Lamborghini Urus (another bull in the stable), which according to Jay Leno, looks much better and more attractive in live, than on photos. It is a car (actually an SUV) that is a product of Lamborghini`s research and wish to create a vehicle, outside their usual sports cars range.

And of course, there is the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, the future of luxury sports cars as they call it, a model that cannot leave anyone indifferent. This supercar has so many innovations and some technical solutions that were even unthinkable by now, so that leaves an impression that it is not real.

But if you want to find out everything about it, check out the Lamborghini Showroom and enjoy it.