The AMAZING Story Of This RARE 1974 FERRARI DINO 246 GTS!!!

First of all, the owner had planned to come back for this automobile since it was wrapped in cloth and self-adhesive tapes! Unfortunately, one of the window was not closed well, so the interior was pretty bad looking. Thanks to the security number, the police identified the last owner and they presume that he had hired professional thieves to “steal” the 1974 FERRARI DINO 246 GTS and throw it into the ocean so he could get insurance money! However, the thieves decided to bury it and take it afterwards when it was all over! Very interesting story, check it out!

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I Wish I Could Find This BURIED In My BACKYARD!!! Check Out The AMAZING Story For This RARE 1974 FERRARI DINO 246 GTS!!! 3