STOLEN Corvette Is Found By The Owner! She CAN’T Get It BACK!

We hear about missing cars almost every day, unfortunately. This video has two such stories that didn`t end too badly. The first one is a story of Terry Dietrich dating from the early 1970s. She owns a Chevrolet Corvette but in a way she doesn’t. She bought it and the car got stolen after couple of months in 1972. The police told her that her stolen Corvette was most likely sold in parts and she wouldn`t get the car back. She reported the missing car and the insurance company paid her. Here`s what happens next.

The Vette somehow finished in a garage in North Carolina 3 years later. The car stayed there until the “new” owner’s death. This is when the pieces of the puzzle are joining together. Sort of. A restorer Gary Green purchased the Corvette and he noticed something is wrong. The vehicle identification number was from a 1969 convertible and this car’s engine and frame had different serial numbers, hence he did the right thing, called the police who impounded the car. If Terry Dietrich wants the car back, she will have to place her bid at the police auction. Watch the video till the end to hear this unbelievable story about this stolen Corvette!

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