What Does Christian Von Koenigsegg Think Of His Creation?

You can always feel it in a car when someone has put passion and love in it! You can recognize a car that has been MADE and a car that has been CREATED! Koenigsegg however, is a company that definitely CREATES cars instead of just manufacturing them! Not long ago you had the chance to see the Koenigsegg new model at the Geneva Motor Show! The musclecarszone.com team was there, and we must say, this car gathered many Gearheads around it! Now, we have Christian Von Koenigsegg giving us a little presentation about what KOENIGSEGG means to him!

Briefly, it means EVERYTHING! It is life, it is passion, it is more that producing cars! He spends all his time there, he leaves all his energy, but it is a pleasure and enjoyment! Working together as a team with the employees that is more like a family together, they reach levels no other company can reach! They say that they don`t have certain goals, they just use their energy and time to see how far they can go. Even if you have the most extreme road going car in the World like the One:1 – You can always do better, Christian says!

At last, if you want to see more videos featuring the creation of Christian Von Koenigsegg, follow this link!