Key Factors to Ensure a Successful Project Cargo Handling

Before understanding the critical factors involved in a profitable oversized freight, you must be aware of what qualifies to be heavy hauls. Heavy Haul or heavy haul trucking is a term in the freight industry that describes a shipment carrying a remarkably large and wide load. Equipment required by large construction companies that exceed a legal limit of dimension falls under the heavy haul category. Different countries have different limits for the transportation of oversized freight. Specific risks are involved in handling and shipping of oversized freight like political, social, economic, and technical risks. Assessing potential hazards and proper planning helps logistics services providers to develop strategies to do the cargo handling successfully.

Key Factors to Ensure a Successful Project Cargo Handling 2

Five Key Factors That Must Be Taken Into Consideration for Shipping Oversized Loads

1.   Legal Limit of the Flatbed Loads

Every state has some guidelines for the transportation of oversized loads. These guidelines are well documented with categorically describing shipment and their dimensions. Good heavy haulers are well aware of the procedures and regulations to ensure safe delivery.

To learn specific regulations, one can consult their state`s transportation department or click here for more information.

2.   Right Kind of Carrier

Whether you are transporting steel plates or heavy generators or an oversized item, you must choose a suitable carrier for it. Damages are not appreciated when shipment of heavy value equipment is involved. So it is essential to understand that shipment is made through an appropriate truck.

For shipment that needs to travel a long distance must be packed in such a way that cargo stays safe under any adversaries. The right kind of carrier ensures the safety of all units in the shipment.

3.   Right Equipment to Put the Shipment on the Carrier

Depending upon the dimensions of the shipment, trucking companies should know the proper equipment needed to load/unload the shipment on the carrier. A crane or forklift is required for putting the freight on the airline, but one must select the optimal equipment to keep the overall cost low while making a successful and safe delivery.

Heavy haulers should be confident and experienced with any of the equipment chosen for loading unloading.

4.   Custom clearance, Regulations, and Permits

Proper documentation is a must while carrying shipment to a foreign country. Trucking companies must have custom clearance appropriately done to avoid any last-minute hassle. For states and cities, also, individual permits are required. One must obtain all the required permits to move the shipment swiftly along roadways, highways, and cities.

Often heavy haulers are ordered to move the freight between sunsets to sunrise unless there has been a waiver issued to the carrier or company. Many cities or states limit the route for big carriers during the day time. Many states restrict or prohibit heavy driving loads over holidays or weekends. A good trucking company must learn the regulations and permit defined by the particular area; you are moving to.

5.   Rules for Travel Escorts

Shipment with some specific dimensions requires travelling with escorts. The role of travel escort is to assist flatbed drivers in extraordinary conditions like low wires, bridges; accidents are other hazards where the drivers need help in careful transportation of the shipment without getting any damages. Many trucking companies pay for the cost of escort or Pilot vehicles along with their hotel stay and other incidents and are included in the overall freight cost.


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