Keanu Reeves Custom Motorcycle Shop ‘Arch Motorcycle’!

Everyone has a passion or a hobby in their life, and we often find that certain hobby a place or a moment in which we can relax, think deeply and solve many problems. It is what fulfills us and what makes us happy. To prove that everyone has one interest, we take a look at this awesome video and see what makes Keanu Reeves happy i.e. what is his passion in life. For those of you who do not already know, Keanu Reeves is really into custom motorcycles. He owns quite a few of those. Soon after he decided to take a step forward and make something for him.

Keanu Reeves Custom Motorcycle Shop Arch Motorcycle 11

Along with his partner, Gard Hollinger, they founded the Arch Motorcycle Company. They design and make bikes according to the needs of their customers from all over the world. It is what makes them happy, a job in which they enjoy. Namely, Gard is the main mechanic, the person who makes everything possible, every idea they could think of, he is the one that makes it come true.

But only that, their awesome shop is also filled with various most technologically advanced machines. It took five years or so to build one of their most recognizable motorcycles, the one that took their collaboration to a whole new level. The bike indeed looks absolutely awesome and there are many aspects that make it unique and of a kind.

What do you think about Keanu Reeves and his passion for bikes?