Just Another DRIFT DAY! Cool Adventures With NISSAN SR20DET!

Having a cool ride that you can adapt for drifting and go out with it every weekend (or whenever you can) is one of the things which many of us dream about. I mean, being a pro drifter is one thing, and we all love and enjoy watching guys like Ken Block, or Ryan Tuerck, and many of the other drift masters driving sideways in a way most of us can only dream of. But there`s also an appealing allure in just being an amateur drift enthusiast, who can take his cool ride on the track and do a little bit of tire shredding himself…

As you can probably presume, I`m saying this because today we have prepared for you a video from a guy that`s not unknown to us, as we had already seen some of his other drift videos. Those of you who are following us on a regular basis, might remember his drift day with his brand new BMW 335i, taking out on a drift track and testing how it behaves. And today, the guy has taken his awesome Nissan SR20DET out on the track to do some drifting.

Unfortunately, even though the Nissan SR20DET did quite good, it had some mechanical problems, so he had to finish the drift day with a Toyota Scion. But, no one can deny that this was a great drift day like many of us would love having once a week on a regular basis!

So check out the video and have some fun! And for those who are interested in learning more about the SR20DET engine, compared with another Nissan motor, go to this link.