It Took Just 60 Seconds To Steal A Brand New Mercedes!

With the massive upgrade and progress that the car technology is currently undergoing, no one would expect that is that easy to steal a car nowadays, right? Well, you are going to have to think twice after watching this video. There are different methods that people use these days to keep their cars safe and sound and away from thieves. However, no matter how secure you might think that your car is, there is still someone out there lurking just behind the corner. Hereby, take a look at this video and you will see how easy it is to steal a new Mercedes for just under 60 seconds.

It Took Just 60 Seconds For These Guys To Steal Brand New Mercedes 2

Yes, it takes just a minute to get in one such car, start it up and drive it away without the owners noticing it. They arrive at the spot with their car and both of them are seen parking the vehicle just in front. All of this is captured from a surveillance camera that was mounted there exactly for this purpose.

The thieves seem to use a piece of the latest technology hence they manage to get inside the new Mercedes without even touching it. Then, it takes just couple of more seconds to actually start up the car and they are immediately off, without making any noise. Luckily, the expensive Mercedes was soon recovered by the police.

However, this video proves just how easy it actually is to steal a car with the latest piece of technology!