It Took Him 17 Years & He Build His Own Lamborghini Countach!

Despite seeing beautiful and mesmerizing car modifications, after watching the following video you would forget everything you have seen so far! The love for cars seems to have no limit and all you need to build something gorgeous is patience, will and some time, well in fact, lots and lots of time. Namely, Ken Imhoff was a man who fell in love with the Lamborghini Countach the same moment he saw the car in the movie Cannonball Run. He did not have lots of money back then and the car was very expensive to buy, so he decided to do the impossible and build the whole car from scratch all by himself!

It Took Him 17 Years He Build His Own Lamborghini Countach 2

It took years and years until the Lamborghini Countach was finished, 17 years to be precise. He fell in love with the beauty and power of the car so he simply had to own it. Ken owned one simple machine that helped him a lot while building the car and that is what is known as the English Wheel. It is a machine that bended metal. He started off by building a wooden frame which would help him to form the basic shape of the metal. This step is very difficult and requires great precision.

He then proceeds on welding the pieces together thus forming the basic form of the Lamborghini Countach. If you would not look for the details, you could not tell whether this is an authentic Lamborghini or not. Check out the whole video for more awesome footage!