Is This The Darkest Car in The World?

What makes a car the real deal? Of course, the engine comes in first, shapes, controls… but P1 Coatings is here to make sure that the paintjob is right! Sure, many argue that the paintjob and the outside looks do not mean much for a driver! We think that is absolute nonsense. Moreover, after watching this video were a Porsche Carrera S becomes the darkest matt black car, we get the importance of painting! P1 Coatings is a company for spray painting cars! They did this experiment where they applied 7 coats of matt black paint on a Porsche Carrera S body. So is this the darkest car in the world?

P1 Coatings Porsche Carrera S 2

After the first three layers were applied it was obvious that this car is going to be DARK as heck! What the guys from P1 Coatings usually use is the P1 Clear formula for spraying. A real baby when it comes to this kind of work. However, what the guys did with this car is using a P1 BASE 2018 formula which is newly developed and is still not available for purchase! As they use the classic compressor to spray, the experiment can begin!

As eagerness rises to see what will happen to that gorgeous Carrera S after all 7 layers are applied. And after it was finally over, the results were incredible! This is by far the darkest car we have ever seen and the way it creeps the streets is magnificent! True icon on the highway. So, guys, watch the video below with the darkest car in the world and see for yourselves!

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Defining matte black. Check out "The Darkest Car in The World"…

Check out "The Darkest Car in The World" as it redefines the standards of matte black.

Posted by P1 Coatings Philippines on Tuesday, September 26, 2017