Insane RC Car Fitted With TWO 100cc 2-Stroke Engines!

We have always been closely following the RC world and tried our best to cover everything worth sharing. Having said that, we have also seen tons of brilliant RC creations. From large to small, gas to electric, on-road to off-road, and we still can`t get enough. What we have in this one is one insane RC car that has the potential to be the coolest ride we have seen to date. It`s powered by an engine that`s built by combining two 100cc 2-stroke engines that are already big by themselves. This is the ingenuity of YouTuber Alx engine who has brought to life a very mean beast.

This insane RC car sounds and looks like it can absolutely annihilate everything that tries to get in its path. It has a pretty safe and rich tune up that`s fitted in the carb. Nevertheless, it still manages to idle like an angry chainsaw. When that trigger on the transmitter is pulled, the revs are peppy and crisp. You can see this staggering little ride sending its front wheels up into the sky. To prevent things getting out of hand, there is a wheelie bar mounted at the rear. The tires also have enough slip in order to enable the chassis to slide sideways when turning.

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