Check Out These 10 Most Insane Armored Cars Currently On The Market!

It is a fact that the more expensive the car is, the more you get within the price. However, there are certain people who need a car a little bit different than the usual ones. Because of this we decided to take a look at some of the most insane armored cars currently out there on the market. You will not believe at how good and robust these cars truly are. First, we take a look at the Huron. This beast is so heavily armored that you do not need any additional security along the way. Next, we take a look at the Toyota Land Cruiser, built by Alpha Armoring. This German company is a true expert in the business, and if you are looking for such vehicle, this is the one for you. No list would be complete without the Mercedes G-Class AMG in it.

heavy armored cars 1

This car is so good that you are going to lose your mind. The Chevrolet Suburban is next and besides its armored body, this car looks so elegant. It was built by INKAS Armored. Another model by this company is the Mercedes-Benz S600. You cannot wish more than a V12 under the hood. The company called Texas Armoring Corporation also builds armored cars, so you can check out their Maybach and their furious Chevrolet Camaro. Their cars are of pristine quality, you just cannot go wrong with them. Moreover, why not having your very own Popemobile? Yes, the guys from Texcalibur Armor offer this possibility. You can now enjoy in the same pleasant ride as the Pope himself. Last but certainly not least we take a look at the Knight XV. This beast is built by Conquest Vehicles and is as good as it can get!

Before you leave make sure to take a look at the Popemobile in true detail!