INSANE Alpha Omega GTR: 1/4 MILE 7.946 @ 190MPH!

Behold the Superman among the cars! Why? Because this automobile is incredibly FAST! This beast is created to be a world recorder! You are going to realize what we are talking about when you`ll press the play button. But be concentrated, because after a while the sight you are going to witness will make your jaw drop! And the sound will simply mesmerize you! This automobile is astonishing! There is no room for any kind of remarks here. Put your hands together for the team that made this Nissan look like this. It is recorded from various angles, and after each run you can see the time. Here Are The Performance Stats Of This INSANE Alpha Omega GTR:

0-60 MPH -- 1.58sec
0-100 MPH -- 2.85sec
60-130 MPH -- 2.46sec
100-150 MPH -- 2.20sec
0-300 MPH -- 7.72sec
Anything to add?

Well, add this Alpha Omega GTR eating two Lambos for breakfast!

Enjoy the video below!

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