Incredible LEGO Audi R8 V10!

While I’m struggling to find some time to build my own actual car…This great guy from Poland made this incredible LEGO Audi R8 V10 made out of very rare orange Lego bricks.

Incredible LEGO Audi R8 V10 2

That was one of the most beautiful car made out of LEGO’s I have ever seen! And believe me I have seen a lot of car models made out of lego bricks. However, I’m pretty sure this guy will get a job at LEGO, or maybe he already have one there. Because this RC car is a real piece of art. This guy really did a really good job on the car! I just wish there was a Lego set like this to purchase, that little car is worth having on the shelf at home. What do you think?

If you ever want to build a car out of Lego bricks, what model would it be? Would you rather build a supercar like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti or your will build a Classic American Muscle Cars? Or maybe your would like to build a tank?

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